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    Yup, already have that app. Which is why I didn't include Savage Worlds in the rulesets I mentioned above. Note though, that despite being called "universal", that app doesn't provide a way to display and print Traveller PC sheets.

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    this would be neat to have for when the world opens up and say I wanted to use my FG products while playing in person. This would be really cool!

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    Yep, for me that's the one area where I could see myself getting some mileage out of a FG mobile app that could run on my tablet. I do already have PDFs for most of what I own for FG, but there's a few I don't and at times it can be a awkward to tab between PDFs on my viewer. Of course with such a mobile app, I wouldn't need to continue buying PDFs, so it could save $. As well, except for a few rulesets that are supported by the FG printer applet, I don't have any way to view a FGU PC sheet on my tablet. I wonder though, if Smitheworks would be willing to develop an applet that embraces/enhances real-world tabletop play, and that in a way competes with their VTT product?

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    I want to thank everyone for better articulating my request than I could. Indeed, my players are free users of FGU for Traveller MGT2 and Vampire. I'm bummed there's nothing available for them.

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