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    No, not like that - what I was referring to was the DnD (5E, 4E, 5E SRD, etc.) method of this through the Library window:
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    Ooo I get it. That worked for me in Classic I havenít checked mine on Unity because last night my transfer to unity on my win box wouldnít load items and a bunch of others stuff. I thought something was incompatible since I originally did it on older morecore but when I updated my macís unity and morecore it showed up fine. So now Iím suspecting an issue like maybe some embedded Mac encodings messing it up since literally same file works.

    To your issue, Iíll go look at my Mac unity version now and get back to you. On phone in another room.

    I could swear I saw it like that on my older Classic. But now that look it is not. Iím in the middle of another investigation. If no one gives you the answer Iíll definitely look at what needs to be done since I want to display it that way too. Maybe I just imagined it being that way since I work on so many of these.
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    I have tested this and shared with Casimir. I need to work out whether to include this as part of MoreCore or not if it negatively impacts other non D&D style games.

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