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    Script Error for PC Personal Vehicles when applying damage

    Attempted searching for this error and didn't find anything, apologies if it's been posted.

    In FGU, when a PC's personal vehicle is damaged I get the following error:

    Handler error: [string "scripts/manager_action_damage.lua"]:234 attempt to perform arithmetic on a string value

    This only occurs when it is the personal vehicle - either dragged from the PC char sheet or added by the CT option. If the vehicle is added from the sidebar library, no error is thrown.

    Am I screwing something up here? The only real issue is vehicles are locked by default in the library, so have to be copied to allow the "Driver" section from the Combat Tab.

    I haven't tried to replicate the error in FGC, thanks all.
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    So i did some testing and if a vehicle had 12 toughness with 3 armor written 12(3) it errors, but 12 toughness by itself seems to calculate fine. At the moment i dont know how to get armor to work automatically, the parentheses seem to be the issue. atleast for me. Try removing the armor and just use base toughness. does it still error?

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    A little workaround

    I was also able to recreate the error. It only happens when a Player Vehicle from the Character Sheet (Inventory Tab) is damaged.

    To prevent this error with a little "workaround", just delete the armor value in the brackets and add a modification to the playerīs vehicle.

    Call it Armor or whatever you prefer. In the second line enter [Armor +X] - or when the vehicle has Heavy Armor enter [Heavy Armor +X].

    Now, when you drag or add the vehicle into the CT and the vehicle suffers damage, itīs calculated as usual.
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