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    changing ther die font color


    can I change the font color of the text which is printed on the die icon in chat?
    I know of 'dieresult' but this would change the font color for all dice.

    The reason is we have some lighter die icons to mark "special rolls" on which the white color is hard to read.

    Best Regards,

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    In FGU, yes. In FGC, no.

    In FGU, the dice values posted to chat window can have additional information in addition to the type/result supported by FGC and FGU.
    value (number)
    dropped (bool)
    backcolor (hex string)
    icon (string)
    iconcolor (hex string)
    font (string)
    fontcolor (hex string)


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    Its for FGU, therefore exactly what I was looking for thank you.

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