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    I see there was an update for this extension today. Unfortunately after updating it is still throwing an error when I launch FG to the main landing page, not into a campaign:

    [ERROR] Extension Info Load (5E - Expanded NPCs): The 'name' start tag on line 7 position 4 does not match the end tag of 'properties'. Line 12, position 4.


    Yeah, sorry I've been quiet, I got the messages that there was an error while I was busy so I couldn't open the forums, so I didn't realize there was a discussion going on here. It takes a while before it lets me update the builds (might just be that I've barely used it, idk), anyways I set the new build to live, so you (probably) won't get any more error messages.

    Also I found the vault/not vault option, and changed both this and Floating Tabs over so people can edit stuff on their end. I personally use my own naming convention, so I like having access to it

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    Updated tab theming, added header, and created Identity Tab. I also realized I had the one on Forge and here reversed from Floating Tabs, so I changed it to match.

    I tried to make these pinnable as well, but I never got it to work. I was able to pin a PC tab using it, so that's a thing

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