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    Assistance updating graphic interface mods

    Hiya Hivemind. so..... a while ago i made a number of graphic interface mods for FGC. and at some point in the last wee while the various updates for FGC and FGU have become sufficiently different to have broken my mods.

    (let me just add at this point that i am GENUINELY terrible at coding, but mannaged to bumble my way thru it first time around)

    id like to update these mods for the current build but am at an utter loss as to how to approach this.
    they are generally the same codewise except for the differing imagepacks, and the nineslicing i did to achieve some sort of coherence.
    i would very much like to pay someone with money or art to help me get these things in line for release or gifting to the community.
    if anyone is that generous, greedy, or supportive could they please flick me a message, and i will start a conversation right away.

    All the best.

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    hagrid pm me with some more info and ill try and steer you in teh right direction

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    Woooo, your themes are really awesome ! too bad the icones are forsaken now. Imho they deserve to be selled in the FG art section.

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