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    Upgrade from Classic to Unity, data missing

    Hello fellow nerds and germs!

    My roleplay group all chipped in and sent the money for me to purchase the FGU Ultimate License, and eager wasn't the right descriptor for me to get it all setup and ready for our next campaign.

    I copied the data from the legacy location to the Unity location (AppData) and set to select my extensions and theme's and get down to business. However, when I select 'Story' nothing shows up.

    When I say nothing I mean nothing, from the last campaign or the current one.

    I've been scouring the interwebs looking for solutions and tricks to try, but I'm coming up short. Can anyone help me figure out what happened so that I don't lose literal months/year of data?
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    Once you have Unity installed, you have to have that setup and active first. (Create a Campaign if you want or need) Then only copy over the older campaign folder from Classic, nothing else. Extensions may or may not work, replace all of those or disable them initially in case of errors. Try to load you campaign. Your campaign might break due to the fact that you may have to fix or reorganize your images folder over from Classic to Unity, depending as the file structuring is slightly differently than from classic. Some of your custom drawings or masks may not work, as those work differently.
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    If you cant get it working please post a copy of the working db.xml from classic here

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