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    [LFG][PAID][Multiple Days] Veteran Players Seeks AD&D/D&D - Dedicated, Weekly RPer!

    Hello all,

    Disability being the boring, house confining thing that it is, I'm trying to fill up my gaming schedule now that the old campaigns I used to participate in have flagged for one reason or another. I'm looking for campaigns which are intended to be long term or even ongoing, which would appreciate a creative player who uses what's available to him in fun ways, and which celebrate dedicated role-players wanting to tell a story. I like having diverse creation options in terms of race and class when it comes to AD&D/D&D, but I prefer no lower than a starting level of 3rd with D&D 5E.

    I've been playing tabletop games for 25+ years, starting with AD&D and moving on through various rules systems and settings. I've played offline, and now in disability, I regularly play online and provide both maturity and a good setup with clear and quiet audio. Although I'm willing to hear offers for any system or setting, it really gets down to AD&D 2E, 3.5E, 5E, or Star Wars D6/D20/SAGA. Anything in that area, I'd love to be a part of. I *do not mind joining games in progress* as long as there's a niche for me and plenty of game left to play.

    Tuesday nights are presently not available. I am available every other day of the week from 2pm-5pm or 7/8pm-11pm/12am EST. I favor the evening spots. Paid games are fine, but my spots are likely to fill fast.

    Interested? Just reach me via DM at Legacy Ark Games#0725 (you may have to friend me first)!

    License: Unity Ultimate w/ full library AD&D/D&D5E, Classic Demo.
    Times: All days except for Tuesday evenings, 2pm-5pm or 7/8pm-11pm/12am EST, evening spot preferred.
    Seeking: Long term or ongoing AD&D or D&D games which offer broad options for character creation in terms of race/class, and which celebrate role-playing over power gaming. I like to be a part of epic campaigns where we have a great adventure, but where we can also go off the rails and tell a bit of our own stories.
    Contact: Just DM me! Legacy Ark Games#0725
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    Just a bump to refer to a change in my original post! Tuesday nights, unavailable. Saturday nights, now available. DM me via Discord if interested, please!

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    Hey dude hows it going check out my post thx dude got diffrent games on or can start one etc thx Audin

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