Hi there! I love running Tabletop RPG's. I have been playing and GMing for about 10 years now. I started out on DND 3.5, and have expanded into DND 5E, Pathfinder, PF2E, and some dabbling in Cortex. I am also open to learning other systems as well. I do pre-built Adventure Paths, Monsters of the Week, Custom campaigns, and one-shots. I consider myself
extremely flexible when it comes to how I run games. I am comfortable allowing pretty much anything within official rules of any system, and sometimes 3rd Party content depending on the rule-set. I can stick to more restrictive rules as well if that is the play style that the players prefer. My first rule is that I serve the players, I don't compete with them, my goal will never be to try to kill the party, just to make it fun and interesting. I can handle new and experienced players of virtually any play-style. I have received high praise from my players for my GMing, and I always try to accommodate everyone. I have had players in their 60's and players in their pre-teens. Basically it boils down to I will accommodate anyone. And did I mention that I LOVE to do this?

If you are looking for a group, or have a group that needs a DM/GM, then I am at looking for you! I want to help people play and have fun, and have fun myself along the way. So, whatever you are looking for, let me know and I will see what I can do! Not sure yourself? I have a few ideas I've put below! I run Fantasy Grounds Unity on an Ultimate license, so
nobody needs to pay for FG. I tend to look for somewhere in the $10-15 USD per hour range for games depending on how much work is required of me. I have all the core content already for DND 5E, Pathfinder, and PF2E. I can also get whatever is needed for anything else.

A little about me:
I am a 33 year old Canadian house spouse. I am married with a new kid and a cat that doesn't understand gravity at all. I am silly and fun-loving, but structured and a bit compulsive. I sometimes get so focused on something I'll forget other things, and need to be reminded. I am laid-back and tend to go by the seat of my pants, but I always keep things on
track and consistent. I like to use a mix of Fantasy grounds and Discord, and have my own server that I manage for my games. I love overpowered characters, I feel like the more power the players have the more fun they can have, and the more options I have to throw at them. My personal favorite to play is Pathfinder with the Mythic rules and working towards a Deific character.

Current Games:
Thundering Silence: DND 5E campaign. Waterdeep/Forgotten Realms. Custom campaign. High combat/dungeon crawl. 5 Players Thursdays @4pm MT. [Closed]
The Morbid Spire: PF2E campaign. Osirion/Golarion. Custom Campaign. 50/50 RP/Combat, dungeon crawl/monster hunt/intrigue. 3 Players Sundays @9pm MT [Closed]{Indefinite Player Hiatus}

Ideas for games:
Evil character campaign as newly recruited underlings of the four horsemen. (I've run this one in the past physically as a Pathfinder game before)
Global calamity with an unknown group behind it. (tried a group with this using the above, but the group fell apart unfortunately, still 1 or 2 interested if I can get it going again)
One-shot style guild-builder, where all the players don't always have to show up and kingdom/guild hall building.
No magic party with Zelda-style dungeons.
Puzzle/low combat focused campaign.

If you want to talk to me either post here, private message me on these forums, or on discord at Atracious#2129.