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    in game, how do you typically resolve poison as part of an attack?

    i have an assassin with a poisoned dagger.

    Under her attacks i added a 'poison' attack.

    i don't see any actual way to resolve that portion though. the dagger attack seems fairly straightforward but if they hit with the dagger then do you just use it as a 'reminder' and go to the RR table or is there more to it?

    pardon my unfamiliarity... it's been about 30 years give or take.

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    You can add the RR table as an additional critical table for the attack if you want to pull it up quickly during the combat to resolve the RR. You won't see it in the dropdown list but you can open the RM Tables in the upper right and then drag the table to the additional critical field and it should fill it in for you. Then when resolving the critical you will have an option on the radial menu for the additional critical table which will load the RR table so you can cross reference the levels easily.

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    thanks. i appreciate the help.
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