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    5E Automatic Effects

    5E Automatic Effects

    Monsters of the Multiverse has been released !!

    5e Automatic Effects now supports Grim Press' Effect Extensions:
    Better Combat Effects, Constitutional Amendments, Blissful Ignorance, Size Matters and Kit'N'Kaboodle

    Instantly add effects for all items, spells, class features, race traits and feats found in the 5E Core Rulebooks!

    for player characters and non-player characters/monsters!

    supporting Grim Press' effect extensions!

    5E Automatic Effects is a series of modules to aid Game Masters and Players by automatically adding coding effects in the 5e D&D ruleset on the Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop platform.

    These modules pre-build all possible custom and spell effects for your equipment, magic items, spell scrolls, spells, class features, race traits and feats, organized into separate modules for each book. Each book will be added to the 5e Automatic Effects bundle as it is completed, allowing you to purchase the entire collection at a discount!

    Although the 5e Automatic Effect modules can be used stand-alone, they were designed from the grounds up to work created to work with the Equipped Effects Extension, created by SilentRuin and listed for sale on the FG Forge. When used in conjunction, adding coding effects is as simple as adding an item to your character’s inventory or creating a character with the built-in character wizard - the extension handles everything else!

    And now supporting community made extensions, using effect tags to cover the widest range of possibilities, beyond all Fantasy Grounds already offers.

    Spell effects for every spell
    Every spell created as a spell scroll (with effects)
    Class features for all PHB & DMG classes & Archetypes
    all racial abilities coded
    All feats coded
    Spell effects for magic items from DMG
    Spell effects for all equipment
    Not only for your players, but also for your NPCs
    Lighting and vision effects for items with ambient light
    NPC statblocks included in spells and class features
    Organized into easy to filter groups for effect searching
    with short summaries for every feature, trait and feat

    (NEW!) Supporting Grim Press' effect extensions:
    - Better Combat Effects Gold by R. Rhagelstrom ,
    - Better Combat Effects by R. Rhagelstrom
    - Constitutional Amendments by MeAndUnique,
    - Blissful Ignorance by MeAndUnique,
    - Size Matters by MeAndUnique, and
    - Kit'N'Kaboodle by MeAndUnique

    Aridhro's Effect Codings:

    5E Automatic Effects Bundle (20% discount)

    5E Automatic Effects Player's Handbook (latest update 2 Aug 2022) (GP EXTENSION SUPPORT UPDATE: Spells)

    5E Automatic Effects Dungeon Master's Guide (latest update 2 Aug 2021)

    5E Automatic Effects Xanathar's Guide to Everything (latest update 2 Aug 2021)

    5E Automatic Effects Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide (latest update 27 Okt 2021)

    5E Automatic Effects Monster Manual (latest update 2 Aug 2022) (GP EXTENSION SUPPORT UPDATE: 100% Completion)

    5E Automatic Effects Tasha's Cauldron of Everything (latest update 26-11-2021)

    5E Automatic Effects Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft (latest update 27-10-2021)

    5E Automatic Effects Eberron: Rising from the Last War (latest update 2 Aug 2022)

    5E Automatic Effects Fizban's Treasury of Dragons (release 2 Aug 2022) (GP EXTENSION SUPPORT UPDATE: 100% Completion)

    5E Automatic Effects - Monsters of the Multiverse (release 2 Aug 2022) (GP EXTENSION SUPPORT UPDATE: 100% Completion)

    Want to try it out first: Try our PWYW demo:

    5E Automatic Effects Elemental Evil Player's Companion (last update: 06-09-2021)

    No longer part of the bundle since the release of Monsters of the Multiverse:

    5E Automatic Effects Volo's Guide to Monsters (latest update 2 Aug 2021)

    5E Automatic Effects Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes (latest update 27-10-2021)

    Adventure Effects modules:

    5E Automatic Effects - Lost Mine of Phandelver This supplement is a great way to learn more about how 5E Automatic Effects will enhance your Fantasy Grounds game play, bringing almost effortless effects management to GMs and players.

    5E-Automatic Effects - Curse of Strahd (NEW release 24-07-2022) (GP EXTENSION SUPPORT UPDATE: 100% Completion)

    @WeezelD has made a NEW fantastic in-depth video covering all aspects of this bundle! Big kudos to him as he did a fantastic job:

    Upcoming Release:
    - Finish PHB GP Extension Update
    - 5eAE Fizban's Treasury of Dragons (soon)
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    How to use the module

    Go to Library > Modules and load the 5E Automatic Effects Module
    The module will be accessible by players (default). Change this if you like
    Load the Core Rulebooks related to the module(s)
    Click the Spells sidebar button to find the powers
    Select one of the following groups:
    <li>5e Automatic Effects Feats</li>
    <li>5e Automatic Effects Items</li>
    <li>5e Automatic Effects Class Features</li>
    <li>5e Automatic Effects Race Traits</li>
    <li>5e Automatic Effects Spell Scrolls</li>
    <li>5e Automatic Effects Spells</li>

    You can filter under spells:
    - by Level for spells and spell scrolls
    - by Source: <Class> for spells, <Class ' > for spell scrolls, class features, <Race> for Race Traits and <Feats> for Feats

    Under the Effects Sidebar Button, you can now find different custom effects.

    For those who have noticed some performance concerns when opening the Effects window while using 5eAE, MeAndUnique released an extension that helps speed things up substantially by adding support for paging in the Effects window.

    Under the Effects Sidebar Button, you can now find different custom effects, which need to be applied to the combat tracker when characters equip the related item.

    Because some powers interact with certain NPCs , you will find brand new NPCs under the NPCs sidebar button in Group ‘5E Automatic Effects’. These are light sources for lighting effects, arcane objects created by spells, sentinel weapons with special vision, …

    You can also find some items, which are linked in the powers. E.g. Monk unarmed strike (phb), Black Dragon Scale Male (dmg)

    You add a power to your character by click and dragging it to the Actions Tab of your character sheet.
    You can also add a custom effect from the Effects sidebar button to a character on you Combat tracker

    The actual custom and powers will be explained further.

    All spell and power descriptions were replaced with links to the official core rulebooks by Smiteworks. Host and client have access to these if they own the related official source book.

    If a Dungeon master wants non-player links to be available to players for lets say magic items in the Dungeon Master's Guide, we offer folllowing solutions:
    A) Share all files at once! You only need to share the following Story to your players (recommended)
    Story: SHARE ME !!
    B) Share the links one by one in the actual power/spell description
    C) Share the full Dungeon Master's Guide by allowing it to players in Library > Modules

    With Equipped Effects

    When using equipped effects, created by SilentRuin (see link below), you can all do the above automatically with extra functionalities. Most of which are explained in the Fantasy Grounds forum post.

    - Create a character, using the character wizard or by another method. You can also import a (pregenerated) character, but if you do, always remove all the existing powers and spells in the action tab, before placing the character in the combat tracker.
    - If you use the character wizard , the spells you can choose from for your spell casters will generate the 5e equipped effects spells to your action tab.
    - Place the character on the combat tracker : All abilities (features, traits and feats) and equipped items (if identified) of the character will auto load the respective powers in the Action tab.
    - Give the character whatever item you like from the related core rulebook
    - identified items will be visible to player and GM in both CT and character sheet action tab
    - Level a character: all powers for new abilities will also automatically load in the action tab.
    - (NEW) If you toggle the Equipped Effects option "Display first link" on, the link to the official sourcebook will be replaced with the actual description of the spell/power, if you have the official sourcebook loaded in your campaign.
    - More details provided below.


    This will break Equipped effects Automatisation!
    DO USE the Summary Display option to add info. Know if you doublecick a power, the summary will be displayed in the Chat.

    Class Features and Race Traits and Feats

    This module contains all Class Features and Race Traits and Feats of the respective core rule book.

    Add your character to the combat tracker, add/remove an ability by hand or by leveling up, and all related powers will automatically be added to the action tab in the right group <Features>, <Traits> or <Feats>.

    The only things to take care off:
    - Setup ability modifiers per group
    - Make groups for features like e.g. channel divinity, nl. features who share uses and/or ability modifiers
    - Some Abilities indicate to choose a power in the [notes]. Click on the power link, find the desired powers (f.i. fighting style, eldritch invocations) and drag the power to the action tab.
    - Set the number of uses when there are more uses per day, rest, ... This is often equal to an ability modifier or determined by your character's level.
    - Setup the appropirate healing, damage dices if you start your character at higher level, than the level you get this ability for the first time. See ability description in [note] for more info.

    Spells and spell scrolls

    As you may already know spells and spell scrolls are practically the same thing. And that is also the reason why they are both featured in the 5eAE PHB module (and not in 5eAE DMG module). The only major difference is their Saving Throw DCs and Attack Roll modifiers. For spells the DCs are calculated from the spell caster’s ability modifier, while for scrolls the DCs are fixed depending on the spell’s level. Don’t forget to add your spell ability modifier to the spells power group. This will not be needed for spell scrolls. Some healing effects on spells state you heal f.i. 1d4 plus ability modifier. For spell scrolls, I decided to use a fixed ability modifier, related to the spell’s level. If you want to use the caster’s ability modifier, you need to change this in the effect. Feel free to ask me how to do this.

    For every spell and spell scroll you will find a short summary of the spell’s casting time, range, components and duration. Toggle the Display to Summary at the bottom of the Action tab to see it next to the spell’s name.

    Spells can be added in the character wizard, as intende by Fantasy Ground Unity. The only difference: when the 5e Automatic effects are loaded, FGU will prioritise the module's spells in stead of parsing them from the core rulebooks.

    Adventuring gear and Magic Items

    The list of items, searchable via Source in Sidebar Spells has
    - Adventuring Gear
    - Armor
    - Potions
    - Rings
    - Rods
    - Scrolls
    - Staffs
    - Wands
    - Weapons
    - Wondrous Items

    For adventuring gear and magic items, equipped effects makes the power available in the action tab, if you equip an item and deletes it when you unequip an item. Likewise a custom effect is added/removed on the combat tracker, if there is one available

    Important requirements for the items to show:
    - Character is placed on the combat trakcer
    - The item is identified

    Items that need attunement only have magic effects when attuned (= identified, extension wise). Unidentified items that do not need attunement will show custom effects on CT (only for gm), but not in the actions tab.
    Identified items will be visible to player and gm in both CT and character sheet action tab

    The CURSED keyword, as used in Equipped Effects is also coded into cursed items. CURSED items can't be unequiped.

    Item templates for weapons and armors

    For magic weapons and armors I decided to use the magic item template instead of every single specific magic weapon or armor. You will find an ‘Armor of Acid Resistance’ and ‘Dragon Slayer’ instead of a chain mail of acid resistance and a dragon slayer battleaxe. I did this for the following reasons: (1) Less is more: one effect that functions for 20+ items or even homebrew items, (2) Compatible with equipped effects when using the items from the core rulebooks; (3) Easy to adjust or suit to your own desires. Remember you can always copy a spell or custom effect to your campaign database and modify it. Equipped Effects will always check your campaign database first.

    Some armors have multiple combinations of effects. For these I made specific armors, you can find under the Items tab, which will match with their specific effect. Example: the DMG only provides the item “Dragon Scale Mail Armor” and I made you the Red, White, … variants to match their respective’ RESIST: fire’ or ‘RESIST: cold’ effects.


    I have started to add some conditions. This is a non limitative list you can find on top of the custom effects in the Effects sidebar. If you have conditions you like to be added, please let me know.

    Lighting and Vision

    All features, items, spells, ... who need lighting and vision effects are done.
    I also made "light source" NPCs which can be used to cast light effect everywhere on the map.

    Effects explained
    (moved to post #3)

    Feedback & Updates

    All feedback is welcome. Post your feedback here or on Grim Press’ discord server.
    Fixes to the modules will be uploaded to DMsGuild on a weekly basis. In the meantime, you can always ask for help to fix issues yourself.

    Thank you for your support
    Hope you will like it.

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    The Effects Explained

    Every effect in these module series is preceded by one of the following tags (which isn’t copied to the combat tracker when applying the effects):

    indicates it is an equippable or equipped effect: Activate effect when equipping or let equipped effects do this for you automatically. These effects can also be found under Custom Effects in the Effects tab.
    $ indicates a situational effect which will be added to yourself. These will not activate automatically and always need to be activated by the player (or dm). Because they are set to self, you don’t need to target before you activate the effect.
    # indicates the effect can be targeted to another creature or yourself. First target the creature(s) and click on the effect button or click and drag the effect to the target.
    $# and ; (TRGT) indicates you need to use the special functionality “Shift + target (click or drag)”. This is an effect that resides on yourself, but with the prerequisite of one / more targets. Every time this tag is preceding an effect, please check the spell description. There should be specific effect notes to clarify how it works.

    The following tags can be found within some of the effects:

    'note' indicates there is an effect note which can be found in the spell description: Effect notes are added to help players figuring out effects and to add extra links to spells, useful NPCs and more. Some abilities (class, race, feat) have plenty of links inside the descriptions. Many of which have powers who can be added to the action tab.

    Any location where this module is linked to other modules it will be marked as appropriate using the standard acronyms. E.g. (PHB) for Player's Handbook, (MM) for Monster Manual, but also (5eAE PHB) for the 5e Automatic Effects Player's Handbook.

    Charges: The effects come with charges. This means you should see checkboxes in front of item powers. Charges are used for limited uses per short/long rest.

    Custom effects can be visual by GM only or to all (‘eye’ toggle). The custom effects are default visible to all, if player related and GM only if NPC related. Magic items are always visible to all, except for the cursed items.

    Fantasy Grounds Unity Effects

    If you want to know how the fantasy grounds syntax works, check the wiki:

    5E Effects for Advanced Automation:

    Since the update from January 2022, 5eAE will also support effect coding created by 3rd party extension developers. We currently work with Ryan Rhagelstrom and Me&Unique. By supporting the effects from their extensions, we can offer you more finetuned ways to automate the already fantastic Fantasy Grounds VVT. And was we work together under the Grim Press banner, we can offer all the support you need.

    Better Combat Effects Gold integration (NEW)

    This module supports effects coding created by Ryan Hagelstrom for the extension Better Combat Effects Gold, available on the Fantasy Grounds Forge:
    Find the supported code here or on the BCEG product page or forum thread

    Constitutional Amendments, Blissful Ignorance, Size Matters and Kit'N'Kaboodle Integration

    This module supports effects coding created by MeAndUnique for the extension Constitutional Amendments, Blissful Ignorance, Size Matters and Kit'N'Kaboodle available on the Fantasy Grounds Forge:

    Find the supported code here or on the respective product pages or forum threads.

    Instructions for the NPC Features:

    5e Automatic Effects NPC Features (spell list group)
    - Search the feature's name in the spell list
    - Open the feature's spell power by clicking on it's link
    - Drag the chat box balloon (example below) to the line in the combat tracker you want to update. It should easily add the effect to the existing text in the combat tracker.

    With Equipped Effects

    When using equipped effects, created by SilentRuin, you can all do the above automatically with extra functionalities. Most of which are explained in its Fantasy Grounds forum post.
    Equipped-Effects-Extension (FG Forum)

    First: check if the option "Translate NPC Power" in the sub category "Equipped Effects (GM)" is toggled ON;
    Next: Add the NPC from the related core rulebook module to the combat tracker.

    All NPC features that needed updates will have their unique new effects add next to the feature name!
    Equipped effect simply matches the feature name with the spell power name. When it finds a match, the effects defined for that spell power will be translated to the combat tracker effects language.
    A lot of features in D&D 5e are purely generic. The same feature is used for different NPCs.

    The effects explained
    Permanent traits are created as custom effects, which autoload when adding NPC to the combat tracker.
    [(note) 'text']: Several spell powers only have a note. Although they are automatically created as an effect between brackets [...], they are not intended to be used as such. The are simple notes.
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    Note with equipped effects extension:
    • Item equipped - CT custom effect applied based on ID rules for equipped effects - spell/power added to PC (actions tab).
    • Unequipped item - effects and spell/powers (if present) are removed.

    Aridhro has provided a ton of details outside of this simple click and forget powerful .mod combined with .ext. Including all the lighting gear (and spell/magic items where applicable - looking at you fairy fire).
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    This post has been removed - please refer to the updated Rules thread!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rob2e View Post
    A little competition is never a bad thing, right? Only folks who win are the customers!
    Check out the Grim Press Website!
    See our FG releases on the Fantasy Grounds Store.
    We're also releasing content on the FG Forge.
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    Seems a bit like stepping on someone else's toes to me. Rob did all this coding several years ago, and now you come along with the same thing?!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jiminimonka View Post
    Seems a bit like stepping on someone else's toes to me. Rob did all this coding several years ago, and now you come along with the same thing?!?
    This Grim Press product was created from the ground up to work with our Equipped Effects Extension to automatically add effects to the combat tracker & the the action tab for items and spells. We made it work as a stand alone offering for folks who prefer not to use extensions, but the intension is that everything is done automatically.

    The community appreciates the work Rob as done to get coding effects in the hands of FG players - his success on the DMsGuild certainly speaks to this. People who have purchased Rob's stuff are absolutely encouraged to keep using it, as the content is great.

    However, we are presenting another way for folks to achieve a similar result, but in a manner that we think adds more value for the end user.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jiminimonka View Post
    Seems a bit like stepping on someone else's toes to me. Rob did all this coding several years ago, and now you come along with the same thing?!?
    So is the same said for all the extensions people do that are similar like the height extension or RFI or other things like that? I don't see anyone complaining there..... I just think it's a bit silly to think only one coder/person/team can be the sole proprietors for anything when it's being developed outside of Smiteworks? Let's not let this turn into a bashing thing.... I would think having a choice is the root of capitalism.... and everyone has a choice on where they want to spend their money.... or maybe not spend it at all and learn to code things themselves.....*shrugs*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jiminimonka View Post
    Seems a bit like stepping on someone else's toes to me. Rob did all this coding several years ago, and now you come along with the same thing?!?
    This kind of misinformation should not be stated unless you actually looked at the offering - which I know you have not. I have never seen any ones "stuff" and Aridhro went on his own to design this from ground up with his own rules/flair for things and I made my stuff respect .mod file data. If you are claiming all the effects and powers I've written for things in my own campaigns are some how "copying" someone else's stuff because we all write stuff in SmiteWorks effects coding - I'm going to straight up OBJECT. I don't know all what Aridhro did but I do know that he pretty much did what I do - and just looks at rules and Smiteworks and implements it. Granted his special codes - NPCs - scrolls etc. are pretty clever but I can't do what your doing and claim its the same because I have not seen the other stuff. Neither have you.

    I don't doubt there are some things there is only one way to do things with in terms of extensions and powers but NOBODY gets to claim it except Smiteworks.

    There are a billion D&D modules out there - data - rulebooks - etc. And they ALL seem the same to me. I detest DATA. And when asked to do this data crap and put it into my stuff I refused because I like doing software base architectural stuff. Telling me anything I did is the same as someone else's is not true, as I've written all my stuff in the blind.

    And I've been EXTREMELY careful not to comment on some of the other extensions out there which I literally BLOW out of the water. As in NO COMPARISON IN POWER OR ABILITY. But I don't go post in peoples threads about that. So.... I get others are not like that.

    But this whole thing? Tempest in a tea cup. Entertaining - but in the end irrelevant. My opinion remains the same - EXTENSIONS = RISK. Data changes - people do their own - people sell it - people put it out for free. Go find what fits you best and leave the infighting to those who care.

    This would not be me
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