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    Automated character race traits and abilities

    Sorry if this has already been asked about but I'm having a hard time finding anything similar in the search...

    God haven't been here in a LONG time...anyway on to the question.

    So from what I am aware of the character sheet has some automated functions that require specific words to work (Examples below) and I am interested in putting some custom/existing races that I don't currently have in my campaign but am having a hard time finding what specific words work for the character sheet...Is there some list I can look at or anywhere I can look specifically to find such things?

    Basically I would like to know what other words/sentences the character wizard looks for when adding the automatic traits and abilities if any at all.

    Side note...
    1 - I know I can get the books from here or the DLC from steam and just have the races from there but I'm a bit poor and still want some custom stuff as well...Not to say I don't plan on getting any of the books/DLC later for the other content but still...

    2 - Tried looking into the character wizard scripts but that's a big BIG headache.

    3 - Sorry if this is in the wrong area I don't know if its the right place for it but it IS a 5E specific question as well as a Fantasy grounds specific questions...

    Examples from the human race specifically.
    - "Your ability scores each increase by 1."
    - "Your size is medium."

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    Welp I'm kind of a idiot for not finding those but honestly thanks It will help me out a lot.

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    An additional place to find examples of the official content for creating custom data for the character wizard is the official System Reference Document from Wizards of the Coast. It has data for most of the official races and classes, and a sample background that can be used to make your own. If you use those sentences and just change the values (such as changing Dexterity to Wisdom for a race's Attributes or a skill list from say Ranger skills to the skills you want your custom class to have) then you should be able to create most possibilities of class, race, backgrounds.

    Here's two other conversations to help you make your own custom data;


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    Hi is there a way to have a choice of three ability scores
    either your Strength or your wisdom or your constitution increases by 2

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    No, I don't think there is. For that kind of thing I'd make subraces; one for each ability score that you can choose and just include the ASI in that subrace as 'Your xxx score increases by 2'
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wulfgangrpg View Post
    Hi is there a way to have a choice of three ability scores
    either your Strength or your wisdom or your constitution increases by 2
    Try this:

    Your Dexterity score increases by 0, and your Intelligence score increases by 0, and your Charisma score increases by 0, and one other ability score of your choice increases by 2.

    The 0's can also be any other number as well. It just filters out those specific ability scores from being an optional +2 choice.
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