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    NCP Defense "All" check box

    Is there a command to set the default for all NPC's Defenses to start with the "All" box ticked, rather than manually checking each?

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    No, but I could add an option for it.

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    Hello All - can anybody point me to a thread running through the thinking behind the 'all' box for parrying and shields. 4.41 = parry against one foe & shield against one foe/missile attack.

    I can see a shield enhancing a DB against frontal foes but not against all?

    I'm not trying to be contentious, I'd just like to understand the thinking/optional rules being used (I'm sure someone will point to another rule I've missed :-)

    Regards - Rainbird

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    Hi Rainbird,

    You have the rules right from what I know about parry and shields. The All checkbox allows for situations where you don't want the defense to only apply to anyone that attacks the defender instead of against just who the defender is targeting. It is useful for certain spell effects and items if you define them using defenses instead of using the new DB effect.

    The All checkbox actually existed before I took over the ruleset but I would guess it was put in because of all the different ways people play RM. I try to make the ruleset as flexible as possible because RM has so many optional rules that people run it many different ways and I want them to be able to play RM the way they want instead of how I play it.

    Hopefully that helps but please let me know if you have any other questions.


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    Thanks the reply Dakadin - The area effect spells is a good point.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Dakadin View Post
    No, but I could add an option for it.
    If it doesn't entail a ton of work that would be pretty cool for those massive battles. My carpals would love you for it! I tend to check them on at all times and then tick them off in the combat resolver based on what side an attack comes from i.e. if it's a foe that the npc attacked, leave parry ticked on but tick off the shield. NPC's usually are getting the benefit of numbers though so if a PC attacks, one, that npc would normally have all defenses up. (Bosses are an obvious exception). Anyhow thanks for the reply and consideration!

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