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    Dungeon Crawl Classics deed die?

    Hi Ive just started with fantasy grounds and i can not for the life of me figure out how to get it to roll my deed die correctly. Also I cant figure out how to save a d14 for my shield bash. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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    On the actions tab there is a button that says "deed". Hit the button before your dwarf or warrior attacks. Then roll your attack. If it hits roll your damage. The deed die result is automatically added to both rolls.

    To fix shield bash clear the die in the sub menu for your shield attack. (Right click). Drag a d14 into the empty die field.

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    This is how you change a die. It should auto populate a D14 though...

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    High all i see are the regular 6 dice no d14's or the like what am i missing?

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    Right click on the die at the bottom. You can find all the zochi dice down there.

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    Yeah the graphic throws a six sided die with a plus sign but you can run the zochi die extension and it places a radial menu all at the bottom at the die rollers in a special die. if you don't run the ext they are still there. If you call up the die roll you can left click drag it to your rollers. For the purpose of what he is doing this works for him.

    This ext link groups all the die.
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    Awesome my friend found them in the ? dice. Happy gaming!

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    I believe CoreRPG changed recently so that if a custom dice menu only has one option, it automatically selects that die. So, the d7 and d24 will just pop up when you select custom dice on the d8 and d12. It's a little confusing

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