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    The weeks ahead....

    Hi Folks,

    Been coding away on v1.2.3, it's almost ready for a nice update for Spacecract Combat as your Character Sheets will have a Tab called 'Ships' which lists all weapons, I just happen to now be coding it finding the Turret Gunnery skill to modify the dice rolls...

    Also the next Core book, the Traveller Companion is gearing up for final text/headings updates. I still need to wrack my brains on how to implement the skills packages, but I'll leave that work for a while until we're in a much better place on Ships and things.

    PoD is going through final Developer testing, what that means is I've completed it, got to add in a few bits of ship data for the Treasure of Sindal adventure and a few more bits here and there but aiming to get that to FG pretty darn soon! For your money you'll get 3 x Books in Reference Manual + Data format, and 10 adventure modules, yes 10 - all of them as their own adventure so you can easily load which adventure you want to run. The plan is to finish the Drinaxian Companion as soon as possible as that really is a good book to have, not only does it include all the additional patron adventures (6 I think), also includes the expansion material for the Harrier craft and extra information in/around the campaign. I realise buying a new campaign and then an expansion book, so going to ask Matt to speak to FG about a package here on FG to save you some $$$$

    Now back to the Companion as I fancy doing some of that tonight, been a heavy day at work, it's 10pm and I finished work 4 hours ago and my brain still hasn't rebooted!


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    Thanks for the update! Looking forward to that companion and more things coming!
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    Awesome! Thank you MBM! My Travellers and I really appreciate your hard work. It's amazing how far things have come since this time later year. Thank you.

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