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    Black screen of death (and map nothingness)

    This is my first time posting, and this may be not be in the right thread (my sincere apologies if this is the case) and it may be a simple "nood" issue, but our group was going to run a game in the Test Server and after getting everything set up, we encountered an big issue. After tokens are placed on the map and the players click their token, the entire map goes black, even for me, the GM. I, as the GM, can click and move the tokens around freely with no issues and the lighting works perfectly, but each time the players do it, the map goes black. Have tried multiple things, but nothing has worked. My guess is that this is a simple matter of me not having something set up properly. Any help is appreciated.

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    Have you defined if the PC’s have any vision type other than unable to see in the dark. (Default for humans)


    The above link should take you too some instructions on using vision.

    But for a PC add a ‘LIGHT’ effect into the CT (Combat tracker) for each PC.

    LIGHT: 20 torch

    Make sure your player is testing with the ‘Test’ version (v4.1) also.

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    I think I am confused on a couple of points. If the Senses on the character sheet indicates darkvision, do you still need to designate darkvision via CT effect or map LOS settings? I have 3 players with darkvision and 2 without. I may have too many "effects" affecting the tokens, maybe? I will try to get some of my players to test further with me. Thanks for the input and the link. Hopefully I can update soon with good news.

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    It depends on the ruleset, as well as how the darkvision is phrased (should be "darkvision #" in most rulesets). Also, only some rulesets pull from Senses at this time. We really need to know the ruleset to provide more information or help.

    Here's a summary of the current status of rulesets and DLC (see second post):


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    Sorry about that, I should have mentioned that this is a 5e ruleset. Again, thanks for all the information. It is greatly appreciated.

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    Update: Good news, everything seems to be working now. Not 100% sure what I did, but it may have been a version mismatch. No way to go back and know, but so far so good. My sincere thanks to everyone.

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    I had this happen in a test today (I had a second computer connect). It looked fine on the GM side (including view as player), but black on the player screen. Sharing the image again seemed to fix it.

    (I had been playing with it for Savage Worlds and this was the first time I tried it in 5e (I do not play 5e but thought I would take a look)) - the weird thing is I never had that on the SW trials, just 5e. But I only played with it a bit).

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    There is a known issue where initial placement of tokens may not update the screen correctly. Usually changing the image zoom fixes for me. We have an ticket for that specific issue already.


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    I'm experiencing the same. Zoom has no effect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swarmhulk View Post
    I'm experiencing the same. Zoom has no effect.
    We need exact details of your error and the logs to help trouble shoot.

    Please start a new thread, this is in the Laboratory which is for discussions of the public Beta build (which there currently is not one of).

    See the link in my signature for what to report, how to collect the logs, and some trouble shooting tips.

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