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    Place names for maps here

    I have attached to zipped files that have place names for all kinds of rooms and such, these are primarily used for GMs. Since FGU does not allow us to write names directly into it, I have provided a list of .png files to use simply by creating another layer and placing these names directly into that layer. Just load these where ever you keep your images and either place directly on the map or place in image box if you want. Since they are .png files and tiny 128x128 they have a transparent background and can be resized to fit almost anywhere. There are two files one is just Locations for GM use and the second is place names for player or GM use. Here are a couple of examples so you know what your getting. I have made 50 locations which should be enough for all but the biggest dungeons and about the same in places. I figured since I have to do this anyway that I would share them with everyone. Enjoy. Aramis
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