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    New to ICRPG - Question about Expansions

    I took advantage of the sale on Steam, so now I'm exploring ICRPG. I notice on Drivethrurpg that there are a few expansions that haven't been converted yet here (as far as I can tell). I'm especially interested in ICRPG Magic. Any word on whether those will be added to FG?

    Alternatively, if I purchase it on Drivethru, is there a way to manually input that into FG or should I just wait? I'm familiar with 5e (not surprisingly) and know that a lot of 5e stuff can easily be entered; just takes time.

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    You can easily set up Magic in here, the spell inputs are set up already for the leveled spells, etc. If you have any issue just give Saagael a yell. Also ICRPG is on bundle of Holding right now for the next 4 days... would be a great time to jump in and buy most all of it.

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    Yup, as scottgeg says, the current system supports adding spells from MAGIC out of the box. Currently there's no official release of content other than CORE 2e.

    Also, next Tuesday (March 23, 2021) there will be a hefty update to the ruleset that expands on the character sheet, allowing you to add actions with custom attempts, effort, and effects associated with them, very much like the 5e Actions tab. I've also made an extension to support Mastery, as it's presented in MAGIC. I'll be posting that this weekend.

    Thanks for checking out the system, feel free to post questions or feedback; I check the forums a few times a day.

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