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    New Feature - Actions Tab

    There will be a ruleset change coming out this week or next (as of March 15th 2021) that adds some new features to the character sheet, and removes some others. This post will go over those changes.

    Overview - Actions Tab
    A new tab has been added to the PC sheet. This tab will allow players to organize any number of custom actions, grouped however they want, and each action can have rolls or effects associated with it. It is a trimmed down recreation of D&D 5e's actions tab, and has many of the same behaviors, for those that are familiar with that.

    Since this new tab contains all of the custom rolls, abilities, and effects for PCs, the Misc Rolls and Effects sections on the main page of the character sheet have been removed. These rolls are not compatible with the new actions, and are not ported over. If you have lots of misc rolls and effects you want to save, copy them to a text file to back them up first. Failing that, the data is still in the campaign's database file, and can be recovered there.

    Adding and Grouping Actions
    Adding new actions is simple. You can either drag/drop any item, spell, or tag onto the actions tab and it will add a new entry for you with all of the details from that record. It does not, however, parse the text of that record to automatically create rolls. That feature may come later, but for now there is no automatic parsing for rolls or effects.

    By default all actions are added to a group called "POWERS." You can change the groups that abilities are in using the Display button in the bottom-left of the page. By setting is to "Group", the tab displays a textbox to the right of every action. Type your desired group name in that textbox, and the page will update the groupings accordingly.

    Rolls and Effects
    There are four rolls that you can associate with every action: Attempts, Effort, Healing, and Effects. You can add these by right-clicking the action in the list, selecting "Add Roll/Effect" (FG Actions Tab Add Action 1.jpg) on the radial menu, and then selecting (in order from top to bottom) "Add Attempt", "Add Effort", "Add Heal", or "Add Effect" (FG Actions Tab Add Action 2.jpg).

    To configure the roll, click the magnifying glass symbol next to the roll, and it will open a new window with options to configure it. Images with examples of configured rolls:

    Configuring Attempts
    You can specify the stat to roll for an attempt, as well as a bonus mod that's added on top of base and loot modifiers. You can also set a base difficulty for the roll, since some items or spells specify that their rolls are always easy or hard. Additionally, you can specify that the action has an HP cost that will be deducted based on the settings: either on a success, a failure, both, or neither. The HP cost can be a flat amount (by entering a value into the Mod box), or the result of a die roll + the Mod.

    Configuring Effort
    Effort rolls are a collection of any number of dice formulas. You add formulas by either dropping dice onto the Effort page, or by clicking the green plus button. For each set of rolls you can set a stat to roll OR manually enter the dice. If you set a stat, the system will roll the dice associated with that stat. For example, if you enter WEAPON, it will automatically roll a d6 and add your WEAPON stat. If instead you put dice in the "dice override" area, it would still add your WEAPON stat, but it will instead roll whatever dice are in the override field. The Multiplier field will multiply the number of dice rolled, but NOT the stat. The damage type field allows you to specify a specific damage type (not effort type), for example: fire, cold, acid, electricity, sonic, poison, etc.

    Additionally, you can specify global settings for the effort roll: armor piercing and vehicle damage. Armor piercing will make the damage roll ignore some, or all, of the target's damage reduction / threshold. Vehicle damage marks whether the roll is vehicle damage, with all of the multipliers that entails.

    Configuring Healing
    Healing functions exactly like Effort, except that it is a heals instead of damages.

    Configuring Effects
    Configuring effects requires entering the text of the effect you want to add in the Description box. You can designate the effect to have a duration set by the Timer. You can set either a static number of rounds/minutes/hours/days, or the result of a die roll. Effect targeting denotes whether the effect should be placed on you or your targets. Effect expenditure specifies if the effect should be removed before its duration expires based on when the effect is used.

    The On Duplicate controls the effect's behavior if the same action's effects are applied to a target multiple times.
    • Nothing. The effect will not be added if the target already has an effect from the same action
    • Remove. If the target already has an effect from the same action, it will remove that effect.
    • Stack. If the target already has an effect from the same action, it will merge the two effects into a single effect, adding any bonuses together.
    • Replace. If the target already has an effect from the same action, the new effect will replace the old one.

    It is highly recommended that if you use stacking effects, all of the stacking effects should have the same text at the beginning of the effect (like "Magic Armor;").

    For more details on effects, see the forum post on effects for ICRPG.
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    This rocks! Can't wait to really dig into it.

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    I've updated the OP to match current functionality. Specifically, you can now specify how effects from the same action should stack, and you can specify global properties for effort rolls.

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