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    Foundry does allow directional light, so people are going to compare the solutions. It may or may not be a deal-breaker for, but I suspect that modern/sci-fi type of games are more affected. FG still seems to be rather DnD heavy from both program and user-base perspectives.

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    D&D and its clones/derivatives account for about 90 percent of the games played on FG.

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    No surprise. Question is whether FG makes it harder for other systems to integrate into it, because it is so DnD centric?!

    At we know that a modern/sci-fi system that needs pointed flashlights and maybe some spinning emergency light cannot be done in FG (yet). At least visually Foundry seems better suited to that. Doesn't end the world, just an observation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TMO View Post
    Won't that grant this extended range to any characters near the one with low light vision?
    It does, but I don't see a way around that.

    For fixed light sources on a map, I created two layers for light sources. The first layer has light sources with all the "normal" ranges. On the second layer I place lights in all the exact same locations as the other layer but give all the light sources double the ranges, then named the layer "low-light". The light toggle for each layer makes it easy to turn light effects on and off. When a character with normal vision has a turn, the "normal" layer is toggled on. When a player with low-light vision goes, I turn that layer off and turn the "low-light" layer on, thereby doubling the ranges for all the lights. Of course, when the low-light layer is toggled on, all the players get the advantage of the increased range, but when it's their turn again the range goes back to normal if they don't have low-light, so targets out of the light's range will disappear again.

    Some extra setup work, and not perfect, but at least races with low-light vision get some utility out of their vision. It's also quick to use during play.

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    That is a genius idea, and I might add: If there was a possibility to share a map layer (the low light vision one for instance) with selected players but not all, that might solve the whole low light vision conundrum altogether!

    Since light is additive, the low light vision layer could be made of only dim light twice the radius of the normal lights on top of them, so the dim light area of the normal light would become bright and so on without impairing on the normal light layer but only adding to its brightness for the players that can see the low light one.
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    I didn't realize the light was additive. That works great - now I just toggle the low-light layer on and off. Thanks!

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    You can keep the low-light layer shared with all players and only click on the light bulb of the layer and it works like a charm ^^

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    I allow my players with LLV to have two light sources active. One with normal ranges and one with double double. They use the double ranged source when moving around, and when I want to show other players what it looks like to them, i ask the player to turn off the double ranged source. Its not ideal and does not work for other light sources that the player cant control of course, so I just improvise in most cases. I am considering implementing a house rule and give players with LLV a reduced version of DV, but at higher levels characters are going to have some sort of magical sight enhancement anyway (goggles etc) so I'm not sure if the house rule will be really necessary. Shame there isn't a simple fix.

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    This extension could probably work to streamline a bit for adding a light source to the character(s) with low light vision that automatically turns on and of at the start/end of their turn.
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