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    updater stuck

    Purchased Lite and when updating initially it gets stuck on updating the exe file. System performance is plugged at 100% and it just sits there. I have 2.0 ghz processor, 1gig ram and plenty of hardrive space, it cant be a performance issue, can it?

    any help would be much appreciated.

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    Is it possible that you have a firewall blocking the transfer of exe files (possibly blocking the transfer with other software than recognized file transfer programs)? It should have nothing to do with performace issues.

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    thanks for the advice but that is not it. Windows firewall is not on, and my router is set to allow fantasy grounds. and my anti-virus is disabled.

    PS I tried it on another computer and it has the same problem. Once it starts to update the exe file, it gets about a 1/3 of the way and then just stops but ties up my computer at a 100% processing power.

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times, and now am just waiting for ideas.
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    btw, i fixed it. Removed all firewalls and anti-viruses, plugged directly into the modem rather than through the router... road bareback on the internet and updated the patch.

    Even though I had ports forwarded and access allowed for FGII, there was still something stopping it.

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    It is probably security software or firewall software. It has gotten so that just cutting off the software doesn't always really stop negate current settings. I would check your firewall first. You "modem" probably also has a firewall in it most do these days. I would check the firewall in the modem port is open and port forwarding. You can probabaly contact you ISP for how to do this.

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    Could be a stateful packet inspection function on the router.

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    I have a DLink router and have the same issue. When I want to play I have to hook directly to the cable modem even though I have all ports forwarded.


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    The interesting thing is, once I updated I then plugged everything back and turned everything back on and was able to plug into a game that was supposes to play but was late for because of this issue.

    So it was just blocking the initial update.

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