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    Try changing the ui scale. Type /scaleui x into chat and press return (where x is 50 - 200 default is 100) and see if that makes things easier to get onto your screen.
    Awesome stuff! That helped!

    I bought the Roll20 stuff a few weeks before this and went through a crash course with that watching everything I could on Youtube. So it's been a few weeks of a total crash course of D&D online. Someone else suggest FG College which is one of the sites I've been watching...good stuff! There are a few others I've found and like, too. But the tips I'm receiving in this simple thread have been very helpful! Thank you to all.

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    It sounds like some good feedback to people who made the modules that they should reorganize their hierarchy better; like the newer modules.


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    It's an eye of the beholder thing, for monster manuals, I find it's simpler and has at least two fewer levels to drill down to get to the information since you click on the link in right library pane and to go directly to the NPC or drag and drop the top level shortcut pin to make encounters.

    To make the newer structure work for a 5E Monster Manual you need three link lists: Alpha, CR, Type. So three lists to maintain while using the Library Pane you just need just one link list for the module since you can filter on any of the categories, ie the Library Pane is set up to show the Name CR and type of each monster so you can filter by any of the 3 or some combinations like "05 Hu" which would find all the CR 5 Humanoids.

    It's also a top level filter so you don't have to open anything but the library, and it doesn't page like the NPC list so it's easy to scroll down and find monsters in the middle.
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