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    What do I need to play Castles & Crusades?

    I'm interested in playing some OSR games, with C&C being one of them. However, I found that, like D&D, it splits its player and GM content across different books.

    To play/GM Castles & Crusades, can I use ONLY the Players Handbook? What do I really need to play this game?
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    On FG, just buy the ruleset. It has the PHB, Monsters & Treasures and even an introductory module. It's really everything you need (although the other books add more content if you decide it is needed). $10 USD... huge value.
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    The DMs Guide (or CKs guide) is not needed for D&D (or C&C).
    C&C is very good value on FG.

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    Even the print version of the PHB has a very solid section on DMing Castles and Crusades. While the CKG has some great stuff in it that is super useful, including optional rules, all you need is the Players Handbook ( which I might add, is still free as a pdf from Troll Lords web site).
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