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    Thanks for letting me know! The position / effect is just text for the GM to keep track of the original roll in case players forget they have a lesser effect due to harm or rolled a desperate roll for xp purposes. I can definitely add a blank option unless you think it would be better not to have the text there at all? Most rolls will probably be risky standard.
    The tokens on the clock page were intended to keep track of long term projects/ faction relationships etc. But dragging a token over every time you want to advance the clock is too cumbersome so I intend to update it to the attached screenshot instead where you can select the number of divisions and just click the clock itself to fill in sections:
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    GladysGlitch have you seen my Blades Clock extension?

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    @GladysGlitch I'd say if position/effect are just for flavor or textual reminders then it would be better to remove them. If they stay then perhaps have them reset to the default Risky/Standard after each roll. If you intend to update the dice to automatically review for the highest then spit out Text, such as "Standard Success, but.." for a 5 or "Risky Failure" on a 2, then I can see them being very relevant.

    Sadly I don't know how hard that is to do. I have coding experience but the architecture of these files, what calls what and why baffles me. Also the new clocks picture looks like a great idea.

    Could you link to your thread or extension? I see you have played a part in many different creation threads. Be careful or I might start asking you how to do things.

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    Hi micrex I shared the extension with GladysGlitch in case there is anything useful in it for her project
    It is a MoreCore theme and it has been untouched for quite some time so a few things are broken.
    Quick instructions -
    load it up, go to options -> sidebar -> clocks
    create a new clock
    name it
    choose 4/6/8
    and then you can advance/retreat the clock with click/ctrlclick
    and they can be shared
    hadnt really worked out where they ought to be shared etc...

    Without derailing this thread Im happy to answer any questions that I can.

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    Hello there Mr.

    Your creation is very impressive, and I look forward to contribute/use it as much as I can, since I simply love Blades in the Dark above all else. But it still lacks certain key features/functionalities, that i'd like to point out could be good overhauls, such as:

    - Ability to make fortune rolls
    - Ability to add permanent bonus dice from certain special abilities (that would be applied everytime you make a certain roll)
    - Ability to make rolls directly from the cohorts section (using their current tier + any bonuses such as from the Elite upgrade)
    - Ability to select non-default Playbooks/Crew Sheets (instead of having all of the non-official stuff out there it would perhaps be better to have a CUSTOM playbook option)
    - Bonus dices when rolling could come in green instead of red OR rolls results highlighting with a green dice the highest dice for ease of reading
    - Resistence rolls not showing FAILURE/PARTIAL/FULL SUCCESS. Instead, it could show how much stress that resistence cost and directly add/subtract from the sheet.
    - Include the default abilities from the default playbooks/crew sheets in the Abilities tab (with something to check/select the ones you've learned)
    - Make it possible to tick i.e. the 7th stress marker and it fill them all the way to the 7th instead of highlighting only the 7th mark (same for coin/stash)
    - Add all the special and default items to the inventory and a way to mark the ones you've used in a score
    - Move the character's Heritage, Background, Alias and Vice Purveyor to the Main page
    - Add xp triggers for the playbooks and crew sheet
    - Make the sheets windows expandable
    - Make it possible to add more clocks to a character's/crew's sheet
    - Create an indulge vice or similar button to determine how much stress it will clear (also removing that amount of stress from the markers and possibly telling if the character overindulged)
    - Add Vampire's dark talent bonus dice marker for each attribute
    - In the crew's sheet, perhaps switch positions between Rep/Turf/Tier/Hold with Reputation/Lair/Heat/Wanted boxes
    - Make the bonus dice box clear after a roll
    - Instead of typing the number of dice, make it also possible to tick boxes for: Push Yourself/Bargain + Help that will also clear after a roll
    - Change Postion/Effect dropdowns options order to CONTROLLED/RISKY/DESPERATE and EXTREME/GREAT/STANDARD/LIMITED/ZERO instead of the current alphabetical order.

    Please take all of these with a pinch of salt, since they're more like suggestions to improve the brilliant work you've done so far, rather than demands or whatnot

    Also, please consider beautifying the theme a bit. It feels kinda outdated Windows black and white themes xD

    Possible bug i've seen:

    - When updating items in inventory, the Total Load is correctly updated, but the picked load at the start of the score keeps changing to match the current amount of "used items" load.

    I hope these could be useful to you as the programmer/creator. I've tried myself getting into .pak editting and got no progress whatsoever. So once again, shoutout to your brilliant work.
    If you want to discuss more, feel free to get in touch.

    Best regards,

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    Hi gomesfferreira,

    Thanks for the detailed(!!) feedback.

    Some of those things are easy to change/fix. Others I don’t how to code yet but I’ll experiment.

    With the abilities/inventory/xp triggers I was wary of putting more in than needed in case it breaches copyright but if the Roll20 sheets have them it should be fine to include.

    I liked the theme I thought it matched the colours of the Blades pdf and the mosaic looked like the aerial view of a city. But that’s two strikes against it so if anyone has any specific suggestions/examples?

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    Here to help buddy.

    Well, i'm definitely not an artist to render some fantastic designs for you, but perhaps changing the tones to a less black and white to a more greyscale (like dark grey for black and very light grey for white) could probably strike less for their contrast.

    I dunno, just shooting up an idea xD

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    Big Update

    08/04/21 Update
    I’m going to list changes here rather than take up the whole first post.

    PC Sheets:
    • Changed the playbook button to a drop-down menu for ease of selection and added a ‘CUSTOM’ option which sets most values on the sheet to 0.
    • XP bars will fill up from the left to the point you click on them/empty from the right.
    • Added a list of playbook-specific xp triggers and buttons to keep track during the game.
    • Fixed bug with resist rolls. No longer show failure/success. Now say how much stress to take/clear. This is automatically added or subtracted from the stress bar.
    • Added a checkbox next to each resist roll. This adds one permanent bonus dice to the roll.
    • If ‘Vampire’ playbook is selected another checkbox appears next to each attribute. If checked this adds 1 permanent dice to the resist roll for that attribute and reveals a fifth marker for each trait.
    • Added a checkbox for each trait to add 1 permanent dice.
    • Added a ZERO option to the effect choices and fixed grammar issue with position and effect rolls (for an extreme effect, for zero effect etc)
    • Added push yourself/devil’s bargain/assistance boxes. These increase the number of bonus dice up to 3 but not higher. Doesn’t change effect level or add the 2 stress automatically.
    • Added the option to increase the number of stress boxes by 3, up to a maximum of 12. Added the option to increase the number of trauma boxes by 1.
    • If Hull or Ghost playbooks are selected the stress/trauma labels change to Drain/Gloom/Wear.
    • Hull automatically gets another drain box and Vampire trauma boxes are automatically filled.
    • Added an indulge vice button next to stress. Based on the lowest attribute score. Automatically clears stress and messages chat if overindulged.
    • Changed carried/equipped on the inventory tab to a single box. Easier to see what you’ve used.
    • Fixed bug with total load changing load selected.
    • Stash coins fill up from the left as per xp boxes.
    • Changed clocks layout. Can now add more.

    Crew Sheets:
    • Changed crew button to drop down menu for ease of selection and added a ‘CUSTOM’ option which sets values on the sheet to 0. On selecting custom the lair map turns blank and can be written in.
    • Changed layout of the main page.
    • Added an entanglements roll based on heat and wanted level.
    • Rep, heat, wanted, tier coin/vaults fill up from the left and empty from the right.
    • Added the one crew-specific xp trigger.
    • Clocks can be added, same as the pc sheet.

    • Rejigged layout of sheets to enable resizing.
    • Rolls on pc and crew sheets can be dragged into the chatbox or dice tower.
    • Added a roll button on cohorts sheet linked to quality with 1 bonus dice option.
    • The highest (or lowest) dice result is posted in chat for clarification.

    Not Changed:
    • Haven’t added fortune rolls. These are so situational, I think it’s easier to just roll the number of d6 needed.
    • Special ability options per playbook. Not enough room on the sheet for the descriptions. Just add the link to the ability you want to take to the sheet.
    • Standard items. GM can create a parcel for each playbook and drop it into the inventory.
    • Order of drop down box. Looks like FG only sorts lists by alphanumeric order, can’t find a way to change it.
    • Theme not changed yet. In progress.

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    I'm guessing these updates are FG only not FGU?

    I wanted to let you know I'm actually running a campaign with your ruleset. We're playing a FitD hack, so its not exactly Blades but your ruleset is the closest thing and everyone loves it.

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    I updated both the Classic and Unity ones.
    Glad to hear it! Let me know how it goes.

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