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Thread: LOS Slowdown

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    It has more to do with the number of pixels that need to be resolved within the window. The bigger the window, the more pixels need to be resolved. The background panel fix will help with this, especially for large maps. Plus, coming updates when the vision/lighting build comes should help as well.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Kelrugem View Post
    By the way, there is also currently a bug where the map can slowdown everything if it is put into the background; do you do this by the way?
    At times I did have 2 or 3 maps open at once - as if the final map was not big enough, there are 3 levels to it, but as I said, shutting down LOS on the main map allowed me to continue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EllivasKram View Post
    I have stopped using background mode for my DotMM maps and now use a large normal window. But Im wanting to go back to using background mode when fixed. My GPU usage drops from 100% to 65% just by doing this.

    I have a UHD (4K) monitor so Im pushing my intel GPU and laptop to the max. I do use /VSYNC 4

    I find with lots of NPCs thing can become sluggish. But the secret is to use a smaller MAP window.

    With regards to LOS calculation distance limits not needing to be beyond the windowed view seems an obvious thing. But I suspect only in hindsight. And in background mode I can see how it was allowed to calculate upto the map limits. Maybe the programmers need less powerful rigs like us normal people. ? Certainly we all have at least one or two PC players with aged hardware.

    I fear I will soon need to have a conversation with my players about how they need to spend some money in their laptops and its not a little amount if you want a laptop with a decently powerful GPU
    In my case I am using 2 instances of FG on a single PC and use a projector to project the map onto the table top - my players are all sitting around the table with me and I want to be able to project as much of the map as possible, particularly when the PCs are spread across a vast map. I have an RTX2070 which should be more than capable of handling this, so I think the problem is more likely a bug.

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