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    FGU Not Updating?

    I just updated to the February Update 4.0.10. with a fresh install on a brand new PC.
    When I go in, nothing has changed. I disabled all extenstions, tried my usual PF1ed, created a new D&D 5e campaign and I'm not seeing any of the graphic changes I see discussed in the posts and on the Youtube channel. Am I missing something?

    I uninstalled, reinstalled and it made no difference. I'm running a FGU Ultimate license. The version on the start up is showing v4.0.10 ULTIMATE (2021-02-04)

    I also noticed some errors are popping up with well supported/tested extensions that have been reported as working with the new update. It seems like I'm not running the new version, even though it says I am.

    What should I try?

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    I was able to fix it. Looks like I copied over more than just the campaign data when I migrated to the new system. I did migrate any of the software folders, just the data, but there was something in there that was blocking the new version from fully loading.

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    Glad you got it. Probably in your copy your computer updated the modified dates, so FGU thought you had files that were more recent and so wasn't updating them There is a Force Update option in the launcher settings that I think will solve this for you as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LordEntrails View Post
    There is a Force Update option in the launcher settings that I think will solve this for you as well.
    I did try the Force Upate tool, but that didn't do it either. Everything worked perfectly once I was careful to only copy over the campaign/ext/mod/image/token/portrait folders.

    In my defense, I was rushing to test out a brand-new, gaming level system... And it was worth it - the added processing and video memory make a huge difference.

    Thanks for the input, as always, LordEntrails!

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