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    Great - thanks. Glad you were able to find the problem. I will check it in the "latest" and get back to you. Do the .pak rulesets have versions now?

    Otherwise, I have a very basic install, I definitely add and/or rename items manually, items were not sorting except upon launching and the create item function was also previously broken, as originally reported (fixed with the 3/3 release). For the create item bug, you should be able to retroactively confirm and document it by using the SFRPG ruleset version from your SCM archive that was public when I reported the problem.
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    Versioning is now done by date. SFRPG is now currently locked for Light and Vision feature update.
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    Respectfully, date is not a very good way to do file versioning. The OS modifies the file creation date when you download and "create" the file. The best way is to embed the dedicated versioning resources (and it's easy to do). And, it's not just an issue with SFRPG - it relates to all the FG .pak rulesets...and other files. Also, a top-level FG version doesn't help when the rulesets are constantly changing between revs and have no embedded version data.

    Were you able to reproduce the issue with add item, as above? I'd like to know if it is something you were able to fix previously, or if there is still some linging issue that is specific to my system resulting in unexpected behavior, etc.

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    Here is the link to the previously failing ruleset (current as of 3/1) under FGU with the following 2 bugs noted above:

    1. cannot right-click add new items under abilities
    2. does not dynamically sort abilities

    Please verify on any FGU system. Thanks.

    [EDIT 4/3: Ignore - the latest FG versions break regression testing for all previous ruleset versions.]
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    The version information has been changed textually to be the date; it has nothing to do with the file modification dates. It's purely for quick identification of the version in the chat window and log.

    I'll let superteddy look at the issues reported; but we'll be testing only against the current Live version (and/or the Test version) only.


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    I just tested this in the Live version and it works just fine. Have you updated since you had the problem?

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    Moon Wizard:
    1. Bug regression against previous versions is standard QA practice. In this case, I am asking for someone (anyone really) to verify the problems I saw with the above-posted code to rule out other variables associated with my system. [Can any other user help me out?] If the "can't right-click add" problem is reproducible, then it is not being caused by my (somewhat generic) install. Further, if that problem no longer exists, then it was obviously fixed and (both bugs) should be noted in the change history for the sake of the quality process. If nobody can verify them, then I have to keep digging to figure out why my system is different. The amount of time it takes to do this reasonable test is minimal.

    Edit: I also see that it is now impossible to regress anything with old rulesets. OK - that's one way to address the quality process through version name elimination criteria.

    2. Isn't it time to adopt a unified versioning strategy across all products and modules? Haven't you standardized in SCM? I see the text date in the chat for Core RPG...but not a great strategy. What is the versioning strategy when you have 2 releases on the same day? Further, if you include the desktop-based versioning resources, then users can check the file versions and verify or report on their installs without having to launch the app to look for text strings in the chat.

    Edit for 2 above: I see that you guys have shifted to date versioning for everything. That is not a great or industry-standard choice. The world runs on Major.minor.patch where the patch should increment when patches occur.

    I will check the latest releases. Retrospectively, if the problems are gone, then there is no problem with system and the only issues are that bug fixes are not being documented in the change histories and the external version identification bears improvement.


    Edit: Superteddy: In SFRPG 3/30 FGU, the right-click add bug is fixed, which means that it was identified and fixed in a prior ruleset and is not a problem with my system. Thanks. The dynamic ability sorting bug is fixed in some contexts and not others. I have attached a broken character sheet. You should check to make sure that you are reading in, indexing into, and sorting the full ability db list when you open the sheet - that doesn't seem to be happening. In the attached broken character, "A Monkey" remains at the bottom on open. I added A2 and D items that were correctly inserted, but A still remained at the bottom, which indicates that the loading/sorting is still not correct. Let me know if you need any more testing on this one. Happy to help.

    In addition, the 3/30 SFRPG ruleset (and maybe others) are not setting the scroll visbility for new items. When the ability list has enough items to scroll and you add a new item, it remains scrolled out of the visible area (or at the bottom) on creation. The new item correctly has cursor focus, but is not visible and the user has to scroll to the bottom to find it or type blindly.

    Also, the direction of the import/export arrows is (historically) backwards. From a usability standpoint, it should be:Export/Out/Down Arrow/Away from Window; Import/In/Up Arrow/Into Window -- long-standing problem.
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    1. Not really on them to validate a possible bug that existed in code that isn't current. Their time is much better spent on fixing things that can be verified and adding functionality/features.
    2. If I remember correctly, adding an incremental alpha at the end of the date if it goes up. It's not an ideal versioning system, but since they aren't automatically incremented (it depends on the developer remembering to update it), it's what we get. Again, rather than going through and setting up a proper versioning system, time and resources better spent elsewhere.

    Thing to remember, they are a small shop with limited personnel and resources trying to output the highest ROI they can. Nowhere near being an industry standardized shop in terms of staffing or resources or discipline (not a dig on anybody, it's just the way small shops typically operate).
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