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Thread: Resident Evil?

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    Resident Evil?

    I've ran D&D Resident Evil several times based on the Call of Cthulhu D20 rules, and it usually works out fairly well as long as the group understands that their character may actuall die. (Some players don't expect their characters to die, making up 1 or 2 extra ahead of time wasn't uncommon when we played) I'm just checking to see if there would be any interest in playing a Resident Evil campaign in FGII, because I'd really like to run another RE campaign, and this program seems ideal.
    what do you think?

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    Holy Handgun Bullets and First Aid Spray!

    I'm so in on this if you'll have me. I've been wanting to play the REd20 ever since I downloaded the pdf like 3 years ago. I got CoCd20, I got the REd20 conversion pdf, I got FGII and am fully familiar with its functions (not writing new rulesets though -- what a pain!).

    I am ready for action as a highly-trained Umbrella Shock Trooper or as an everyday citizen of Raccoon city (or whatever), I'm up for anything.

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    What's your time zone Garrette?

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    Sounds like fun!

    If we can set at a time that would be acceptable, I'd chance my life to help bring down the Umbrella Corp... or is that Microsoft? Hmmm... never can be sure...

    Oooh... can I play a revenge-driven ninja?


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    I was thinking of running one of theses awhile back, depending on the Days and time.. i will be highly interesting. (Wed night, Friday night, Sataday morning are filled)

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    How about Saturday nights, is that fine for everyone? When I still had my old notebook before all of my d&d stuff was stolen, I had about 2 dozen different classes, all with preset gear that they would be assigned if they were a part of an agency, or civilians could pick their own at the cost of being able to have restricted items. Really, whatever faction you choose does not matter, as eeryone ends up having to work together in the end just to survive, or if everyone picks the same faction, then the story will be biased towards the activity that organization is known for, it all depends on the players, and ofcourse the situation.

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    After 7:30pm est i can do on saturday, sounds good. I aint played much of Modern yet so not sure 100 percent on rules, so might take me abit of time. Granted i think some of True20 which im been learning as well normal DnD rules apply to modern.

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    Is this on calendar?

    I'd really like in on this, pending time zone issues. Pop it up on the calendar and lets see what times work best for us all.

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    Sounds like it could be some "mindless fun" 8). When were you thinking to run the game?

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    I'll probably pop the game onto the calender sometime todat or tommorow, I'll put down a couple of times for everyone to pick from, but it might have to be Saturday evenings, possibly 7pm or later, and ending around 10-11pm, it depends on my work schedule. My times are all based on the Eastern time zones. It looks like theres enough interest to get a group together to play a test session, possibly sometime through the week.

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    Hey this sounds really interesting. Do you got room for another player? I'm free pretty much any day of the week so doesn't really matter to me what day we play.

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