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    AdvantagesCW - V2.1 - FGU changes - the function I used to hook in and override the record lists was removed completely from CW - so I had to choose another function to override the records with. While this fixes the record lists for race/class/etc. the spell list they use has been rewritten to only display one spell now which they randomly choose (previously it had all spells listed with duplicate names from different modules) - I can't fix this as my code here goes through records and chooses the one based on the priority module. But if they have removed all duplicates with no rhyme or reason then CW will only provide that randomly chosen list. You can see this with or without this extension as some will be spells from PHB others from other modules. Can't fix that. I'll provide a generic fix which fixes the problem where my code was no longer executing but the way they implemented the spell list it can no longer properly respect any module priority. Nothing I can do about that for now. Other record lists in CW will contain all data so can have module priority respected - just not spell lists.
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    2.2 TEST only - Advantages CW - Character Wizard changed format of all the tables I use. If the next update after this causes so much grief and effort on my part, I will probably delete this .ext out of Advantages and leave people to press FGU for the behavior I provide here. Notably the ability to limit your players to a single set of choices based on module priority and local DB overrides of data.
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    Advantages - V1.17 - FGU Update - update broke templates used by chatLogWhisperer - stopped using their templates as they shift around to much.

    Note this option can lock up the app with "raw" search as if you have a chatlog that is big (most are) it can take a long while to stick out on FGU text fields. Always stick to search if you use this - for example:

    /chatLog 2023%-12%-10

    would get logs for today (as of this post). As per all my extensions - use at your own risk. Note I used "chatLog" instead of "chatLogWhisperer" as FGU will find the first unique matching chat text command it can find.
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    Advantages - V1.18 - FGU Update - removed ability to store group selections from record list between sessions as FGU has finally implemented it - so I no longer have to support it myself.
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