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    Hmm, just was able to see this in FGC only; but works fine in FGU. I've been running most of my tests to reproduce issues in FGU, since most users have already moved over.

    I'll poke at it a bit more; and see what I can find.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Nylanfs View Post
    type in the chat and then drag it to the wounds or HP
    Yes, anything but typing works - mouse wheel, drag and drop, targeting, ect.

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    After digging into this, it appears to be a script event ordering difference between FGC and FGU. Since I think that the FGU version is actually closer to the ordering I think should be in place, I'll need to push a patch for FGC to mirror. The new event ordering will be: control update events, current node update event, parent child update events.

    (The FGU version needs a minor change too; in order to move parent update events back but will be part of future client release. I'm not aware of anything that is using this behavior difference, so shouldn't be an issue for now.)


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    This problem is fixed on the DM side since the last update, but the client view is still broken.

    If the DM types in a wound level for a PC on the combat tracker, the DM health status indicator updates correctly. However, the client side does not update at all.

    If you adjust the wound level in the cell with CTRL-SCROLLWHEEL, both the DM and client side health status indicators update correctly.

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