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    Possible to have hot keys factor in hunger dices?


    Not sure if its possible but for some common actions i would love to save some dice pools in the hot keys but they dont seem to include hunger dices like if you roll from sheet. Is it possible to do that? if so, how?


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    Hi back at ya!

    To save a common action to the hotbar, build the dice pool like you normally would. Drag the Attribute die (dice pool)down to the hotbar instead of the chat box. The image of the dice saved on the hotbar will reflect the amount of hunger the character had when creating the dice pool. When you roll from the hotbar, Fantasy Grounds will check to see how many hunger dice should be in the roll and adjust it accordingly.

    The image in the hotbar will not update, but the dice pool does.

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    oh that totally worked. I was not doing it from the sheet. Many thanks!

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    Always glad to be able to help.

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