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    Just heard back from @lokiare, our product coordinator. He has not received any files or information on a Star Trek ruleset yet.

    If you see posts indicating otherwise, please ask the poster to reach out to us to clear up any confusion.
    Also, if you have any links to places where it's stated that this work is waiting on SmiteWorks, please provide.


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    Thank-you for the information... now we know to go chase Nerd Eye about it

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    Ok, I'm going to fall on my sword here and admit I may have gotten something wrong. I thought it was Smiteworks that Nerd Eye was getting approvals from, but in rereading the different posts they clearly said it was Modiphius that they were waiting on. Apologies, but interesting to know a bit more about the process. When Modiphius gets this approved, it comes to Smite Works after?

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    Each publisher can decide how and when they want to be involved with the process. We have some publishers who leave everything in our court, some who only want to be notified at the end, just 1 week out from release, and some that do it all on their end first. In this case Modiphius is working directly with Nerd Eye before we see anything. A ruleset will typically be one of the more time-consuming projects to complete and is significantly more involved than a typical adventure release. Once the ruleset is done, the adventures will probably flow much faster.

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    Also they may have to go back to Viacom / CBS for approval.
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