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    There is an incompatability with the "ammunition manager extension"

    I have the latest live version, and when I only load ammunition manager + combat modifier I get a error when I:
    Target an enemy token and then double click on an attack (both melee and ranged throws error messages). I then get this error:
    script execution error: [string "attacks"]:35: attemt to call field 'hasLoadAction' (a nil value)

    If I attack by drag and drop method I do not get an error message.
    I cross my fingers that this has an easy fix because I love both the "hit by x" amount from ammunition extension and the range penalty from combat modifier.

    I also post this in the ammunition manager thread. And attached is the log file.
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    And I have a request. Since you already have automated point blank shot (which I think is awsome), is it possible to also include far shot?

    Far shot:
    -1 on each range increment instead of -2

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    I haven’t used Ammunition Manager, but I’ll download it and see if I can track down the conflict.

    Far Shot should be pretty easy to add in.

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    Updated to account for Far Shot feat.

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    Confirmed, it was not a conflict issue with bmos ammunition manager, it was only a bug in ammunition manager.
    I actually just yesterday updated to the latest live version (because I thought light sources update was out), and updated a bunch of extensions. With only this and ammunition manager loaded I got this error, but forgot to test only for ammunition manager since I have used that for a long time (but not the latest update )

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