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    Console errors when adding Shadow to Combat Tracker

    I am getting a bunch of errors when adding a Shadow from the PF2e Bestiary to the combat tracker. See attached jpg for details.


    I also get duplicates of the same errors when deleting the Shadow from the combat tracker.

    BTW...How does one add an image inline instead of just it getting attached?
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    Nevermind. It was the "Overlays PF2" that I had selected. I remember reading somewhere on here that it is broken right now.

    Still have the question about inline images though...

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    I was getting similar errors and the Overlays PF2 extension was the cause for me as well. I can contribute that the source of the error seems to be coming from creatures that have weakness/resistance.

    Unfortunately, reading recent posts from the extension, it looks like it is unlikely to be updated.

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