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    FG Ruleset Updates 2021-02

    NOTE: If you are getting errors, please disable extensions and reload campaign before reporting. If still errors, please report in House of Healing forum. If errors caused by extensions, please report to the place where you got your extension.

    NOTE 2: If you are a community developer and need assistance, please post in the Laboratory forum, and I will be making time to help.

    New versions of the core FG rulesets are now available.

    A comprehensive list of patch notes is available here.

    Please report any issues in the House of Healing forums. If you are getting any script errors or strange behaviors, make sure to disable any extensions before reporting.

    We have worked with all of the ruleset developers that publish in the FG store; as well as offered help to the community developers. However, as noted above, we expect that some extensions provided by the community or third parties may need to be fixed up.

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    Since many people have asked about the sidebar changes, I thought I would write up once here.

    We deliberately moved away from visual sidebar buttons to textual sidebar buttons with this release. We had found over time that the visual buttons caused a lot of overhead in creating new rulesets, new themes, adding new record types, and more. In fact, about a quarter of the ruleset DLC developers had already moved to textual sidebar buttons before we considered this change, for exactly the same reasons.

    Additionally, the sidebar modes are all available in the Options window under the Sidebar button now (instead of the Library). The mode buttons can also be dragged to the hot key bar now as well.

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    Based on some reports, I've uncovered an issue which affects many rulesets (player clients do not have access to other player PC data), that I missed during the development. I will be pushing rolling updates throughout the day to address, starting with the built-in rulesets and moving to the purchased rulesets. It affects just a few low-level functions in each one; so you won't see any visible changes.


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    The new The Sidebar: Changing Play Modes page has now been added to the Customer Portal.

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