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    DCC RPG Spawn of Cyclops Con; one-shot games available on FGU [Associated small fee]

    Goodman Games is running another virtual con, Spawn of Cyclops Con. There are a few game offerings hosted on FGU. Here is a link to the two Dungeon Crawl Classics games I will be running. DCC RPG 3rd Level adventures, DCC is based off of D&D 3.0, is easy to learn as you play. No experience necessary for my games in either FGU or DCC. There are convention fees; a $5 badge and then $4+ per game. My games are $4, all fees go to the convention host. https://tabletop.events/conventions/...uery=Blaisdell
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    There are still open seats for my DCC games tomorrow at the Goodman Games virtual con. Especially for my 6:00 pm EST game! Come join us!

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