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    UTC+1 Player looking for D&D 5e One shots or Adventurers League FGC or FGU


    I am a little struggling to find some one shots adventures either Adventurers League or else one shots 5e.

    I have both FGC or FGU Ultimate.

    Interested only as a player.

    Time zone UTC+1

    Language: english, italian

    Discord: yes

    Can play from 19:00 till night tuesday-friday or anytime during weekends.

    Preferring older people as I am 40+ old myself.

    I tried to check Adventurers League for FGU , seems at the moment pretty dead (I do not understand why actually, probably AL is more using other systems.

    Cannot be invested in long term campaign for the moment.

    Thank you for replies

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    I am using warhorn, so through warhorn I am finding games , thanks.

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    EU Friendly games, good as one shots following AL rules:

    DDAL09-02 - 27th February 09:00 pm UTC +1

    DDAL09-03 - 28th February 09:00 pm UTC +1

    Good DM there I played with him the DDAL09-01 so I signed for these next games too. You can come with season 9 AL valid characters.

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