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    Player looking for game: 5-7PM EST Start

    Seasoned D&D 3.5 Player, used some of FG I and itching to use the new version. I put a lot of thought into characters and love roleplaying alongside combat and puzzles. Just about any day of the week I can make but as a european a game can't start much later than 7PM EST otherwise I won't be able to stay awake! If a game is at these times though I can commit and attend jsut aobut every session till it's conclusion. Favourite settings include D&D Greyhawk, Scarred Lands and Custom. Also familiar with White Wolf new World of Darkness, and wouldn't mind learning a sci-fi or space setting.

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    I still have room for a couple of people in my Thursday night (euro time) WoW RPG session. Right now we have a Human Paladin, Dwarven Priest of the Holy Light, and a Human Rogue.

    We start at 1800 GMT, and run til around 2030 GMT. If you're interested, head on over to my forums at, or PM me on the boards (or MSN, or even hollar across the channel).
    Vincent Kingston
    [email protected]

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    Thank you for the offer Kalan, but I am unavailable for that due to work.

    Still looking for games, 5PM-7PM EST, any day.

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