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    How to drop a "Monster" in personnalities?

    I have devised my own ruleset for my game and as such I changed the NPC to include more information.

    I have data that is included in stringcontrol that point to a source like
    <stringcontrol name="xxx" source="attributes.strength" >

    These and others are are from lists (Window list) are not copied from the library of "monsters" that I created. All the other values are present but not these.

    in the adventure_npc.xml file I have the <acceptdrop> with the npc class and I have a <field> tag that contain a "*". This is supposed to copy everything from dragdata, but still it down not work. If I need to write down a script to transfert the data how would it work. I looked at the other scripts but cannot find an example like my problem.


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    Haven't played with drag-drop yet but maybe it doesn't like stringcontrol. Tried using a stringfield instead?

    Stringcontrol is basically for on-the-fly text. The text is not saved to the database. A Stringfield is the same as a Stringcontrol except that the text is saved.
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