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    The thing about CP, at least in my experience, is that the players absolutely must love both the world and the genre. It's not like DnD, which is just a system, that can be used in a variety of worlds, so the players can look for Strahd, or Eberron, or Faerun, or Planescape, or etc. CP is all about the genre and if the players don't love it, it just sorts of flounders. I've been running since '76 and had a great game of CP2020 that ran for years, and all subsequent attempts to start a game have just been...meh

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    We played in...hrm...early 90s? The first session was good fun despite a bone-headed player. Then thing slowly unraveled--a combination of a GM wanting to center the campaign around his wife's PC and the system falling apart when heavies go after each other and 90% of the party isn't cybered up.

    I ran a test scenario where the PCs were Trauma Team on assignment to Mogadishu for a couple guys using the boxed quick start. It came out okay considering all the critical components that were missing.

    I don't know that you need to love Night City so much as you need to enjoy the feel of cyberpunk (fighting the war against greedy corporations, vile criminals, and crooked government agencies).

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    It doesn't need to be NC specifically, but yeah, the wars, the greed, the corruption, and the cyber. I actually ran a campaign for 6 months where everyone was in Trauma and it was mission-based, it was WILD

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    Hello if your still looking Im a recruiter for a discord/Fantasy Grounds server. We play a Western Marches style campaign and I was wondering if you'd be interested in that since we usually have a couple games posted during your available times. If you are or have any questions about our game let me know!

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    That's very kind, thank you. Not that into West Marches, and have zero experience running with FGU. I'm getting my 2nd vacc shot in a week and then will start hosting out of my home gameroom again ( I only host here looking to play, and joining West Marches but only wanting to play is like going to a pot luck, bringing no dish, yet pigging out

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