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    New to tabletop gaming and Fantasy Grounds!

    Hello there!

    I'm new to both tabletop gaming and Fantasy Grounds. It's been a hobby of mine for years to pick up sourcebooks for many pen and paper games and read through them, but I've never had anyone to play with.

    I'd really like to try out playing in a campaign, but I'm a newbie so I'd probably need a lot of help. I'm most familiar with d20 rules, but I'm honestly not even that familiar with them because I'm more of a hands-on learner.

    I'm mostly available Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday at any time during the day and I live in the EST time zone.

    I can get any sourcebooks I'd need to join the game, what I'm most interested in is D&D, Star Wars d20, Scion, or Call of Cthulhu.

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    Why not jump into this game https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...ead.php?t=6564 just to see how the d20 3.5 rules work. A nice safe one-shotish game to get your feet wet.

    Plus I've heard the DM runs a fun game. Even if he is starting to respond to quickly to posts. :P


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    Welcome aboard!!

    Now that I'm about finished my WoW Ruleset (and learned a bit about things along the way), I'm going to be making a Scion one in my copious amounts of spare time (in between other projects I'm working on).

    Once I have something ready to go I'll keep ye in mind

    Have fun!! Just too bad your schedule doesn't tie in to my own WoW games
    Vincent Kingston
    [email protected]

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