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    Magic in Savage Dark Sun

    So I'm making a Dark Sun conversion for swade, and I was wondering, what would be more balanced; Giving defilers free shorting, based on the amount of environmental energy they consume, or free power mods based on the environmental energy they consume. Do you guys have a better idea, I'd love to hear it.

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    Not big on lore of Dark Suns but didn't spellcasters have to drain magical energy from the environment to recharge their magic or was that an optional choice?

    What do you mean by shorting, Lower PP cost to use a power?
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    Thematically, I don't think it would be a bonus at all. It would just be a lack of penalties. I would base the radius of the defiling on the size of the Die and move on. Defilers would be unrestricted and 'normal'.

    Purifiers should be the ones with modifications, and they should generally be penalties. One extra PP per die type maybe to stop a spell from defiling.

    Just my take. Love Dark Sun by the way.

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