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    Adding Effects seems to add an extra Effect line

    Adding Effects seems to add an extra Effect line.

    Tested in both SWADE and SWADE with 50F.

    Screen Shot 2021-01-24 at 5.10.16 PM.png

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    It does that by design so you can add another effect. There's no add button, so you need the blank line to manually add another effect. I don't know how many people type or paste in effects, but I do sometimes.

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    This is by design, I use autocomplete all the time, I rarely use the fx table.
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    That makes sense. I was confused because the delete button is present, but clicking it appears to have no effect.

    Perhaps a better user experience would be to hide the delete button if the text field is empty?

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    Still wish that if a player adds an effect to someone else, they would have the ability to also remove that effect so they can help manage that for the GM. Much like how D&D 5E handles it.

    And I wish 5E would handle grouping NPCs and Pets and such under a player in the combat tracker hehe. Lessons to learn from each other I guess.

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