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    My map making adventure

    Hello all.
    Having today finally purchased FGU full licence and SWADE, along with some Rippers Resurrected modules, I decided to follow along with some FGU tutorials on making my own maps.
    My first map is in the very early stages, having only made the base map shape, and added some textures I created in the tutorial to give it some topography.
    Even though I still have loads of work to create something expectable, I thought I would post the first image as a sort of diary for me to look back on.
    No name has been assigned to the island yet and I'm open to suggestions
    FGU map 11.jpg

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    New Lupus
    New Tellus

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    Quote Originally Posted by damned View Post
    New Lupus
    New Tellus
    I like new Lupus
    The connection to the wolf and the southern constellation, the stars, magic, perfect

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    Looks like a cracked skull to me. Maybe some kind of a kobold or dragonborn. Therefore I would think something like;
    - Draconis Isle
    - Greater Kobold
    - Mortis Draconis

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