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    Fire Animation for Effects Layer in FGU

    Are there any plans to add any more animation effects to FGU? I would really love to see more of them, especially one for fire. Or is it possible to allow users to add their own animation effects to the system?

    Fire, Lightning, and Bubbling Liquid would be really nice to see. As would the ability to color tint the animation effects.

    Thank you for your time,

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    just another GM here that runs FGU

    in the same way that you can add effects to an image for water, you can add the water effects to fire as well.
    when i use it, i use almost minimum settings for the Fire and only target about 90% of the "fire image" so the surrounding art does not move (thereby keeping the movement localized to the fire only)

    This same effect is useful on lighting or electricity as well but you should zoom very far in to the map to add the effect for the same reason of targeting only the lightning and not the surrounding image/s.

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