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    New clan icons not showing on character sheets

    Hey there!

    I'm currently trying to add the new clans from the companion but despite updating their clan token on the clan sheet, it does not want to show it on the characters sheets when inputting them. Any idea why?
    I named them just like the og tokens seen in the asset tabs and all. Just a minor thing sure, but it kinda bums me out i don't know why.

    I know the Banu Haqim worked tho, despite making them manually (i found that the cam book aint worth it for the amount of automation actually present especially since I already owns the physical copy and the pdf) Maybe its something along the lines that it was already present in the coding somehow (also weird because I made no token for them yet on their clan sheet AND its not shown at all in the ruleset token folder)

    So I'm pretty sure its not a token thing but a coding thing or a pak file thing. Any help is appreciated

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    The Clan symbols have to be added into the actual ruleset in order to display properly on the character sheets. This will have to be done by one of the developers. The Banu Haqim was added along with the Camarilla book. No other clans have been added in yet.

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    Hey, thanks!

    Had the stuff for a while but i'm mostly a small lurker haha. Too bad its a code thing tho, the content is far from up to date with almost all the core clans there. I dream of the day we can adapt the stuff more easily. In the meantime I'll just continue my transcription of the expansions.

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    I think most of us Kindred, are more the lurking type, don't worry about it.

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