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    I like to stretch it to the max. It shrinks upon launch. I'm ok with it.

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    From what I understand with discussions with the devs of Syrinscape, there are some things that Unity is not very good at. Remember all the hoops you have to jump thru to get Syrinscape to play thru a channel on Discord? Thats a Unity limit not a Syrinscape limit. So I suppose the same applies with the windows settings (especially as its cross platform).

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    I have a two monitor set up. What I do is use <windows key>-<right arrow key> to create a window on the right side that fills the right half of the right screen. I then grab the left window border and stretch the window to the left edge of the left monitor.

    That quickly gets me two screen coverage after an update. Its annoying that everything seems to pop up in the exact middle (which means the two bezels always split whatever pop-up occurs), but overall its not too bad (at least until I can get a super-wide 49 curved monitor... ).

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    I have no issue, ok i have hit maximaxe when i launch fgu...big deal

    Im just glad it saves the locations i last had my CT or story board. If it didnt do that it'd drive me nuts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by damned View Post
    If you dont know /reload you are are literally about to save a day of your life
    drag /reload to your [F1] key and as soon as you have made your code change hit [F1] and your table will reload the new code.
    that is the first thing i tell people who are learning to code in FG!
    I had a chance to try this today. Thanks damed.
    You're right, for a community developer, extension writer, it is a life saver!
    (My laptop lived another day because it wasn't "frisbee'd" across the room in exasperation! )

    Since the culprit, the FG Launcher, is not invoked when one uses the /reload command, the FG game desktop is not resized.
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