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    Following a conversation with the poster there are two pieces of information not included in his post. Firstly both he and the DM own the Monster Manual and both he and the DM have an Ult8imate license. Apparently when the player emptied the contents of the modules folder then the tokens became visible to the player. Quite why that should be is anyone's guess since the Monster Manual wouldn't be in the modules folder.
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    Apologies for the late response. I had already gone to bed by the time this was posted.

    Discord conversation during troubleshooting begins here.

    I have attached my (DM) logs.

    In essence, what iGmO has described is accurate from what we've found. I set up a blank table with no extensions loaded, and no modules other than the DMG, PHB, and MM, with only the PHB and DMG-Players shared. He states that he did not load those, however. And I confirmed the MM Was not shared. Because he specifically stated the Goblin and Pixie were known to be not showing correctly, I had the MM loaded so I could use those, specifically, as well as throw in a random option(s) he has not tried.

    For the map, I selected two random maps. One from the DMG, and one that I imported during testing. No LOS or any other modifications... just a grid.

    For the test PCs, he used Tanner from the 5e Sample, and I also used a test PC that I use for general playtesting during development ("Crash Test Dummy").

    I added NPCs in multiple ways, including adding fresh random selection from the NPC block, pre-loaded into an encounter I created for testing, hidden, contextual visibility, and simply dropping them onto the map in real time. Results were the same across the board for each of iGmO's test logins. Either they all showed up normally, or they all did not (red '?' placeholders).

    Maps showed up normally. PCs showed up normally. NPCs and art assets/tokens, such as a cart, scroll, etc. did not.

    Running FGU on the player's side as admin vs. regular user did not make a difference. But like he said, deleting the MM from the Modules folder fixed the issue.

    Now I agree: The MM should not be in the Modules folder. iGmO states that he and the other DM have purchased it. I recommended deleting it from Modules and Parcels and re-updating FGU and trying again. You can see the response in the chat on the College Discord. I will draw no conclusions here on that.

    But IF the MM was legit and in the Vault folder, and this is still happening... then it could be an issue, as it was easily reproducible and consistent across all of our testing last night.
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    I've verified that this is an occurrence that can happen when a someone has obtained an illegal version of the MM module; and placed in their modules directory.
    As such, I may continue to investigate to make sure it doesn't affect valid purchases; but I will not respond further on this issue.


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