Looking for 1 player.

FG License: FG Unity Ultimate
Game System: 5e

Time Zone: Central Standard Time
Day of week and time: Wednesday 7 pm - 10 pm (rough start/end times)
Term: Long term, until module is complete

Text or Voice: Mic required.
Voice Software: Discord
Streamed or recording: No

Roleplay and Combat mix: Pretty fair mix - really depends on the night. Have some sessions 100% role play/exploration, others near 100% combat
Numbers of players in game: 4 players in game. Need 1 new player
Character starting level: Level 6 to be discussed with DM

Am only considering adding another player at this point. I typically shy away from dictating what class someone should play - but I think I know what class the party would really appreciate. This is a little non-standard, but I don't want to state what class I'm looking for as I don't want people to say they'll play that class simply to get into the game - not have fun because of the class and end up dropping out. So - drop a comment or PM me what class you would want to join as and if it's what I'm looking for I'll get back to you with more details to see if this will be a good fit or not. Thanks!