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    New Starfinder Group LFP. 2-3 Players needed for Dead Suns

    FG License: GM has full License for Unity. Players just need FG and Discord downloaded to join.
    Game System: Starfinder
    Time Zone: Pacific Standard Time, USA
    Day of week and time: Sundays starting at 5PM PST.
    If new game, planned start date: Plan to start on 1/23/2021
    Planned Duration & Frequency: approximately 3 hour sessions, weekly.
    Term: Long-term game. We will be working through the entire Dead Suns Ap so please only respond if you are willing to make that commitment.

    Text or Voice: Voice
    Voice software used: We are using Discord and I will add players to our group when ready.
    Will this be recorded and/or live streamed? No.

    Roleplay & Combat mix: Our group likes to ROLE play more than ROLL play. This is a pre-fab AP so take from that what you will.
    Number of Players in game & needed: Have 2 players, need 3 more.
    Character starting level & equipment: 1st level
    Character restrictions: Any Official Starfinder material is fine.

    Details of your scenario: In the Dead Suns Adventure Path, the players take on the roles of members of the Starfinder Society, a loose association of scholars and adventurers who travel the galaxy uncovering the secrets of the past. When a fragment of an ancient alien superweapon surfaces in the depths of hyperspace, its discovery sets off a race to find the extraterrestrial doomsday device. Hopping from planet to planet in both the civilized Pact Worlds and beyond, the heroes must contend with both the undead Corpse Fleet and the nihilistic Cult of the Devourer, each of which seeks to acquire the alien artifact for its own purposes. Can the heroes find and destroy the superweapon before their enemies seize control of it, or will the Pact Worlds' sun go dark and cold, a harbinger of dead suns across the galaxy?
    The players and GM are all adults. We sometimes use adult language and do not shy away from mature scenarios. Please only apply if you are committed to a long-term game. The players we have now showed up every week of the last campaign (PF2E) and we are looking to keep the group stable. Im happy to answer any questions you may have just PM me. I will answer as soon as possible.
    New players are welcome to play with us. This group is totally new to this Game System and we invite all comers.

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    hey there i am completely new to star finder but have fallen in love with the lore and desperatly want to start playing. i am learning the system by watching videos and such and i would love to travel the Dift with you please consider me! i am 26 and have played D&D for years

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    Griff. It was good speaking with you.

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    hello, I'm new to starfinder but I'm a quick learner, do you have room for another person?

    I'm mostly interested in roleplaying a distinct personality, and then maintaining and growing that character depending on how the game goes, still learning how to roleplay better though.

    sundays are good for me, but I wouldn't be able to make it saturdays, I'm in AKST and have work until 6:30pm PST

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    Saturday date was my mistake. Game will be Sundays beginning this Sunday, the 24th. I have pm'd everyone who has responded.

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    At this time, we have a full crew. I am closing recruitment for this campaign. If you would like to be considered as an alternate or for future games feel free to pm me.

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